The Hat Bar

9 Belinskogo st., St.Petersburg.

Open daily from 7pm until the last guest. Live Jazz Jams everyday!

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The Hat is a classical American 40s and 50s-style jazz bar. The unique quality of this
place lies in its nightly live jam-sessions, which according to the owners is the most
fascinating and live feature of jazz.
The Hat is constantly visited by nearly all world-famous jazz musicians touring through
St-Petersburg. Among the visitors were Louis Heyes, Steve Grossman, Nino
Katamadze, Bill Charlap, Jason Brown, Peter Washington, Joe Farnsworth, Mark Gross,
Michelle Walker, Sharon Clark, Omar Torez, Tiger Lillies and many others. Despite their
worldwide fame, all of them participated in jam-sessions for free, just for the sake of
The term “special guest” doesn’t exist here, neither does a schedule. But if one asks,
what will be happening here tomorrow, he will get a definite answer – “Tomorrow there
will be jazz”.