Fiddler's Green SPB.L.B

5 Rubinstein st., St.Petersburg.

Open daily from 2pm and until the last guest.

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«Au oone aha miti» (Sea is our earth)

When a sailor is on a long haul, the ports became all the same, no matter where your ship will drop the anchor – Belfast, Rostock, Liverpool, Singapore or New York. And though the accent may slightly differ, one will find the same piers, same docks, and same port pubs. Pubs, where one can have a simple but solid food, drink away one’s salary, listen to the old fiddler, sitting on a barrel & playing, or even pull a nice young local birdie. That spirit of the sea life could be found all over the ports around a hundred years ago or so, when sailing ships & clippers were living out their lives, and giant steam giants were only starting to conquer the seas.

We tried to fill Fiddler’s Green with this exact spirit. Big portions of simple and solid food cooked according to the original recipes. Beer that fits every taste. Pure whiskey, never spoiled by cola, and tons of different strong alcohol, smuggled from all ‘round the world.

English Breakfast

If one asks an Englishman, what does he loves and appreciates most of all in England, oftentimes instead of expected answers like “the Queen”, “the Beatles” or “Stonehenge” one will hear quite an odd love confession to an English breakfast. Really, an oatmeal?! No, it’s not oatmeal but something rich, tasty & full of calories.

No prize for guessing that English cuisine is often awful. But “English breakfast” stands alone in this case, and stands out for the better.
Usually it is made of fried bacon, tomatoes, fried eggs or omelette, sausages, fried beans in tomato sauce and a toast. Depending on the region mushrooms, potatoes, white or black pudding can be added. So to say, 1000 calories at a heat and you’re fine till evening.

This tradition were started by aristocratic & rich families at Victorian age (XIX century). The breakfast made at the time from more exquisite products, such as honey-fried bacon, specialty ham, sausages from different counties, with marmalade, fruits and table jelly for dessert, became nearly a ritual. All the family members gathered at the breakfast table to discuss the forthcoming day, and the head of the family read his morning newspaper.

This hearty breakfast was to like also to poorer people. After such breakfast a worker could go to the factory, and the farmer could start ploughing, taking no thought about wambling stomack and gowing hunger. Nowadays the “English breakfast” is almost the same as The middle and lower classes version of this dish, which was quite simple.

After two World Wars “English breakfast” became so popular, that it was served at all hotels, restaurants and cafes in the country. Exactly from the middle of XX century “English breakfast” became a landmark of Great Britain and won the hearts of not only the British citizens, but also the foreigners hearts.

Here, in Fiddler’s Green SPB.L.B, we noted the next tendency: on Friday and Saturday nights our traditional “bowl of food” comes to an end, but our friends are still hungry. So for our most loyal and resilient guests we introduce our version - “Fiddler’s Breakfast”, which is served from 4 a.m. (or, if the barmen agrees, from 3 a.m.) till closure.

“Fiddler’s Breakfast” can be easily transformed into “Irish Breakfast” or “Scottish Breakfast” by choosing the proper drink.