Anonymous Society of Diligent Tasters

27 Rubinstein st., St.Petersburg.

Open daily 10am – 02am. The bar is open from 6pm.

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A new collaboration project of The Hat Group (The Hat Bar, Apotheke Bar, Fiddler's Green SPB.L.B, Full Ballet) and filmmaker Andrey Klimenko was opened on August 17th, 2017.

The main incentive to create a place of this format was a desire to make a high-quality product which will stand above the pressure of trends. It is modeled after American cold cuts, German delicatessen and Italian pastuaries, and in Russia it is simply called a sausage shop.

There is a range of smoked and raw sausages in different variations: with walnuts, red wine, with paprika and thyme, etc.

Chief Anton Osochnikov is in charge of gastronomy. All the meals are prepared according to the analogues of European ancient technologies yet the recipes are adapted to our region. So, the smoked pork sausage with paprika is a variation of spicy Spanish Chorizo, dried beef in juniper – of Italian Bresaola, and the ham extracted for 6 months is our form of Spanish Jamon. The positions of the menu are named honestly without any reference to their well-known analogues.

Everything is available for take away or can be tasted on spot in the form of delicacies, meat plate or sandwiches. Fresh bread from our own bakery and homemade pickled olives and vegetables can be a perfect addition to the meat plate.