Drunk Route

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Hello Friend! Do you want to know how Saint Petersburg is having fun now?

For the summer season 2019 The Hat Group opens a "Drunk Route" through the bars!

We are so popular that scammers copy us and try to extort money for participating in the Drunk Route!

Attention!!! You can get your Waybill for free at The Hat Group bars!

It runs between 5 bars:

The rules are simple:

  • Take your own Waybill of the "Drunk Route" in any of The Hat Group bars;
  • Bartender will mark you the Final Point where you receive 50% discount on the whole bill entire there;
  • Every day we choose the different Final Point of the Drunk Route;
  • Visit all 5 bars in 1 day. One Waybill – 1 day and 5 bars;
  • Get the special mark in each Point of the Drunk Route when you pay your bill;
  • This special offer will be valid daily.

Attention! The number of Waybills is limited.

Keep the remaining list stub – at the end of the season we will hold a raffle. The winner will win a trip to the distillery or a ticket to the "Drunk Route" in another city in the company of experts from The Hat Group.

Leave your contact so we could inform you about the Main prize Drawing. Solemnly we vow not to abuse SMS.